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What is Flipping Females:

A TV - Reality Show Concept and Educational Program. Meet the Flipping Females-a new generation of HGTV meets Sex and the City. The public has the opportunity to follow a diverse group of women and the real life experiences accompanied with fixing and flipping homes.

The Flipping Females was created to empower and support women who desire to become fix & flip investors. The Flipping Females is powered by The Matrix Real Estate Investor Network, a local organization that provides hands-on mentoring and training for real estate investors. The mission of the Matrix Real Estate Investor Network is “To leave each person, property, and community better than we found them.”

Real Women, Real Results

Empowering other women to enter the Fix and Flip business with the tools and skills to be greatly successful! Women mentoring women to manage a mostly male dominated industry with purpose, poise and power.

Meet The Flipping Females®:

Elizabeth has a professional background as an interior designer and project manager for new home construction and renovations. She is also an experienced speaker, trainer and media personality. As an investor, Elizabeth has experience with wholesaling, buy and holds and lease-options. She is currently an active fix and flip investor, and the Director of Rehab at the Matrix, designing and managing the company’s portfolio of fix and flip projects. Check out her awesome videos on Facebook as she walks you through the fix and flip process.

Catherine has been a successful business owner for the past 15 years. She is highly skilled at creating systems for businesses and homes. Part of her experience involves teaching and training company staff, and she is a Certified NLP Practitioner. She is a master in mentoring people to set goals, focus, and perform income-producing activities. Catherine and her husband, Christopher, have been real estate investors since 1982.

Celina is an active Real Estate Investor, Wholesaler, Rehabber and Realtor® in the Phoenix Metropolitan area. She specializes in real estate investment purchases, fix n’ flips, wholesale and retail. As the Director of Mentoring she works with and trains the mentors to give one-on-one mentoring to Matrix members.

Vanessa is a Realtor® and real estate investor who has flipped over 270 single family homes. She also has experience with multifamily and commercial properties. She has invested in properties in multiple states, all of which have helped her achieve her real estate goals. Vanessa did her first flip with only $89 in the bank in 2011. Now, she’s responsible for over $15 million in assets and continues to help others achieve success in real estate investing with her extensive knowledge.

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